Campaigns, but differently!

Your perfect smoothy is not necessarily the same as for someone else. Our tastes differ and that is the same for campaign target groups. Addressing and being heard by the target group requires the perfect set of ingredients. Our philosophy at business campaigning GmbH is to mix and blend techniques and tools to create personalised campaigns to fit each target group.

We create campaigns, but differently
Peter Metzinger, founder and owner of business campaigning GmbH, has been involved in campaigning since 1982 and started developing the business campaigning® model in 1997, which has been the basis for our company's work since 1998. With this model, we plan effective and target group oriented campaigns that achieve the goal of our partners. business campaigning GmbH has no clients; only partners with whom we work together to achieve a set goal. The partners success is our success and vice versa.

The business campaigning® model also serves to train campaigners. At business campaigning GmbH, Peter Metzinger has trained an expert campaigning team, with a wide range of skills and disciplines, in order to be able to create and implement effective meaningful campaigns across a wide range sectors. Peter and our team have only one mission: to achieve the goals of our partners.

The smoothy serves to illustrate the business campaigning® philosophy. Each campaign is a new and different campaign, tailor made to fit the goal and, importantly, the target group. Ultimately, the target group alone decides what tastes good and what it rejects. If we succeed in developing a campaign to the taste of the target group, they will remember it for a long time.

To ensure that the recipe tastes good, business campaigning GmbH invented Target Community Labs™. During a TCL™ the target group is enabled to develop a campaign, product or service concept for itself. Fruit? Vegetables? Sweet or sharp? Pure or mixed? We create your strategy out of the ingredients that are identified as tasty by the target group. This creates a secure campaign with a high possibility of success. And empty glasses!

With extensive experience and a healthy understanding of people, we put together the campaign mix. Like the perfect smoothy a campaign has many nuances. The varieties of fruit, the mixing technique and the temperature of the mixture are all important in creating the perfect smoothy. In order to perfect the campaign, the target group themselves need to identify with it, creating it for themselves with the different ingredients just like a smoothy.

Nothing moves people more than having their commitment shared with others for a good cause!

  • Awareness campaigns
  • Participatory campaigns
  • Public affairs campaigns
  • Image campaigns
  • Product campaigns
  • Jubilee Campaign


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